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Take social media away from marketing…

I’ve just read this interesting article about how social media is simply not giving a good enough return as a marketing tool. Brands are dull and social is the wrong place for advertising/push messages. He’s right – social media is … Continue reading

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LinkedIn – 6 handy resources

I’ve been updating my LinkedIn training resources for a new client. Nothing beats setting aside an hour or two just to wander around LinkedIn and look at the different groups, different profiles and company pages and see what people are … Continue reading

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How to be human … a guide for lawyers

I run a knowledge-sharing and networking group called Knowledge Network West (tweet with us on #KNWest) and yesterday was a session discussing how knowledge teams and lawyers can use twitter for learning, knowledge-sharing, and personal and law firm marketing. One … Continue reading

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Free LinkedIn Checklist

Are you happy with your LinkedIn profile? If not, make sure you’ve covered all areas with a handy, free 15-step checklist to download. http://eepurl.com/zyYXP And for more help and advice, visit TheKnowledgeBusiness   Do you want an occasional (approx monthly) … Continue reading

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LinkedIn for lawyers

Did you join LinkedIn a while ago, fill in a basic profile, link to some colleagues and friends, join a group and then stop, wondering what to do next? Do you want to learn how Clarke Willmott wins business with … Continue reading

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LinkedIn Masterclass

The next Knowledge Network West meeting will be a LinkedIn Masterclass, looking at using LinkedIn for knowledge-sharing – connecting with experts in your field of expertise, collaborating and sharing knowledge with them – and using it to build your personal … Continue reading

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Social media for PSLs

I spoke at last Thursday’s Butterworths conference on Knowledge Management on the topic of using social media within knowledge teams in law firms, particularly to enable them to share knowledge on knowledge management and how to do their jobs better. … Continue reading

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