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How are your New Year resolutions going?

It’s been a couple of weeks now since 2013 began.  Are you still keeping your resolutions?  If not, why do you think they have fallen by the wayside?  I’m not going to jinx my resolutions by discussing them here, but … Continue reading

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Generic Strategies 101

This is my second blog post about strategy, which follows on from my recent MBA module on the topic.  Read the previous one, Avoiding Bad Decisions, here. This post looks at Michael Porter’s Generic Strategies and how these can be … Continue reading

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Measuring successfully – 5 ideas

Someone asked me recently how they could improve the ways that they proved the worth of their KM work to the rest of the law firm.  Money is tight in many firms and KM can appear to some people to … Continue reading

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happy management = happy clients

Lawyers often struggle with customer satisfaction issues.  Time after time surveys suggest that they get client relationships wrong.  Often a law firm’s response to relationship problems is to limit access to clients and increase controls. An article I came across … Continue reading

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