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Knowledge and information

Snippet tip Information = blah blah Knowledge = bleh bleh Why bother? Because the *effective* tools and techniques for the creation, storage, access and sharing of information and knowledge are different. Don’t waste your money trying to manage knowledge in the … Continue reading

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You can’t manage knowledge!

Knowledge is different to information and data. It is contained in people’s brains. Accessing it can often be difficult and rather idiosyncratic. How can we manage what is in people’s brains? Surely there is no such thing as “Knowledge Management”? … Continue reading

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Want to spend a year living knowledgeably?

The proof of the proof is checked and is ready to be turned into a book – “A Year of Living Knowledgeably: 12 KM Projects for Law Firms” is off to the printers! When I wrote “KM Handbook” for the … Continue reading

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Get the foundations right

  Do you fit any of these categories? a lawyer who swapped from practice into knowledge work without any training in KM/someone who is about to make the change a Partner who has taken on responsibility for Knowledge issues in … Continue reading

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Randomised coffee trials

I’m a fan of conversation to faciliate knowledge-sharing and build trusting networks. I’m also a fan of injecting a bit of serendipity into knowledge management generally. As a result I’m a big fan of RCTs, which are … serendipitous conversations! … Continue reading

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CLT training date announced

*Update* The next session is on 25th May 2016. Find out more here.   Foundation course in KM for Law Firms. 24th September 2014 More details here http://www.clt.co.uk/Course/Knowledge-Management-in-a-Law-Firm-The-Works/   Do you want an occasional (approx monthly) email with updates about … Continue reading

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Why do some lawyers share knowledge (and others don’t)?

*Update*  Articles on my research can now be found in Managing Partner Magazine and you can now discover the knowledge-sharing motivations of your own fee earners, to maximise knowledge sharing to improve competitive edge.   This question has vexed me … Continue reading

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