A Knowledge and Learning Book Club!

Do you fancy learning more about knowledge sharing and learning, but can’t keep travelling for training, conferences and networking events?

Do you think it’d be great to learn something new and discuss it with peers, but you don’t get much time away from your desk? Or you work from home?

I’m starting a K&L book club for you!

The plan is:

  • I send you 4 packages a year which will include
    • a relevant business/knowledge/learning book
    • some speciality tea or coffee (you choose)
    • some treats, such as notebooks, bookmarks, pens, chocolate etc, whatever I source in the small-but-super-lovely-treats field
  • 4 video conferences to talk about the book (both a big everyone-together chat and small-group breakout “rooms”)
  • an online group to discuss the book (or anything you fancy) in between meetings

For a fixed annual fee.

Could you be interested? Message me!


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What’s left in 2018?

There aren’t many training sessions left in 2018.

  • KM foundations training day – Thursday 27th September, 10-4pm in London
  • Measurement of KM projects workshop – Wednesday 2th October, 2-5pm in London
  • 2 x invitation only (sorry) KN-UK “bring-a-problem” workshops
  • 2x tba November KN-UK sessions on innovation (Bristol) and KM in engineering (Birmingham)

If you are interested in coming along, have a look at my Eventbrite page, comment below or drop me an email.

And if you have any thoughts for next year’s KM-in-the-legal-sector training programme, let me know – always looking for new ideas for topics.



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Change is …


Open your eyes to new ideas by joining a UK regional knowledge sharing group.

Or join one of my open KM training workshops.


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Shy of retiring? 6 ideas to help

We all know about the knowledge cycle

Knowledge cycle

but how many of us actually address the last aspect of that cycle systematically?

Looking back to when I worked in know how within a law firm, I have to admit my approach to retiring knowledge documents was pretty haphazard. There were always so many other matters that had a higher priority and I was always a little worried about deleting stuff that may come in handy.

A few thoughts to help you with retiring documents and knowledge artefacts:

  1. For all new documents, decide upon realistic review and destruction dates at the outset. Create a standard process and you’ll be more likely to take action.
  2. Some databases allow you to automatically set a removal date, but many people are wary of automating this.
  3. Share out responsibility for checking compliance, relevance and usage of documents/artefacts. It won’t be such a burden if it is shared. And some people would far rather edit and review than create something new or run a training session, so you can help them to reach their knowledge activity targets in the way that suits them best.
  4. Ensure you are compliant with relevant regulations – something may no longer be useful, but are you required to keep it for any reason? Similarly, does this document/artefact comply with GDPR requirements? If not, can you adapt it/consent it, so it complies or should you delete straightaway?
  5. Breaking the task into smaller/monthly chunks will make it much easier than having a once-a-year clear out.
  6. Worried someone might need a document/artefact later? Cache it for a while and see what happens. If no one has asked for it a year later, you have your answer!

How do you handle the “destruction” aspect of the knowledge cycle? Any top tips to share?


And if you are interested in Knowledge fundamentals, come along to one of my foundation courses (KM: The Works).

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Innovation is social


Learn more about how KM can help your business here.

And learn about practical KM training here.

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Knowledge Loss – can you afford it?

My latest blog post for Legal Futures on Knowledge Loss.


Legal Futures


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On hoarding knowledge


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