I offer training in knowledge, learning and innovation, which includes:

  • knowledge management
  • learning and development
  • knowledge sharing
  • networking
  • process and quality management
  • creativity, innovation and design thinking

What sort of training are you interested in?

What’s on in London in Jan/Feb/Mar 2020?

January 2020 – KM The Works – the day-long, all-you-need, foundation course for professional services. Suitable for new Heads of Knowledge, PSLs (new and old), Knowledge Lawyers, librarians/IMers. All the theory, tools/techniques and practical advice you need to get started or ensure you aren’t wasting time, effort or money.

February 2020 – Value and Visibility – an afternoon workshop helping you to make KM more valuable and visible in your organisation. Stop wasting money and get knowledge and learning working for you.

March 2020 – KM The Scores – an afternoon workshop exploring how to create measurement systems that actually work and don’t lead to gaming and unintended consequences. Make sure all your knowledge projects pay their way.

Check details, dates and tickets etc via Eventbrite.