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2018 training programme here.

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Taken for granted

I’m a fan of “Blue Ocean Strategy” by Kim and Mauborgne. You can read my previous post here.

Recently there has been a lot of talk in legal circles about disruptors and most of the chat is around what is innovative and different, and in particular, what new technologies could be used.

But if you don’t want to create something entirely new, how can you move your business strategically to the “blue water”? And how can KM and KMers help?


blue water

Photo by Raining Huang on Unsplash

One of the suggestions from Kim & Mauborgne is that you ask certain key questions in order to understand buyer value elements more accurately.

A couple of these struck me as particularly useful for those wanting to make a shift or working for internal clients:

  1. Which of the factors that your industry/sector/peers take for granted, should be eliminated?
  2. Which factors should be reduced well below your industry’s standard?

We all love to over-deliver and delight our clients, but how often are you over-delivering in the wrong factors?

We all find it very hard to drop standards as clients’ needs change, so we layer new services on top of old ones and we over-engineer products and services adding unnecessary additional cost for things the clients don’t really want.

When did you last question the assumptions underlying your business/service?

What aspects of your service delivery do you take for granted? What “best practice” has become such an industry standard that no one even questions it anymore?

How much more business could you gain if you concentrated your efforts on those aspects which customers (and that massive pool of not-yet-customers) value most?

And for KMers in particular:

  1. How can you support your organisation in obtaining the right customer information on these topics in order to make an informed decision?
  2. How can you deliver what your internal customers/fee earners truly value, rather than what has always been done and what you perceive as your industry standard?
  3. Are there any client-facing KM services you could identify that provide new value?


What do you think? Are these useful questions to help you think differently and make a shift? What will you be doing differently now?


If you are interested in KM Strategy or revamping your strategy, come along to my afternoon workshop on 26th April 2018 in London – more info & book here.

For more, read “Blue Ocean Strategy” and “Blue Ocean Shift” and sign up for the Blue Ocean toolkit.


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Be an awakener.


2018 programme of training here.

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Knowledge training – update

A few more dates been added:

  • 22nd February, Bristol, GDPR for KMers and law firms
  • 28th February, London, KM The Scores (Knowledge Management project measurement workshop)
  • 1st March, Bristol, Innovation in business
  • 16th & 17th April, Amsterdam, Lexpo (panel on AI, new technologies & KM)
  • 25th April, London, KM Strategy (workshop + coaching)
  • 15th May, Bristol, AI & Cognitive in Law
  • 17th May, London, KM The Works (foundation course in professional services know how)
  • 22nd May, Birmingham, AI & Cognitive in Law
  • 14th June, Bristol, Intranets that work
  • 28th June, London, KM The Scores (KM measurement workshop)
  • 11th July, London, Deep Knowledge – uncovering and exploiting complex knowledge within your organisation (workshop)
  • 27th September, London, KM Works (foundation course in KM)
  • 24th October, London, KM Scores (KM measurement)

You can find out more and book on my Eventbrite page .

Or drop me a line

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80, Henry Ford

Anyone who stops learning is old


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Learn as if …



2018 training programme available here.

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3 Ted talks for law firm KMers

3 more TED talks which will interest law firm KMers (previous recommendations here).


1) The military case for knowledge sharing

Could you improve your firm by improving the sharing of information and knowledge?


2) A visual history of human knowledge

Could you improve your firm by mapping knowledge visually and looking for opportunities to cross-pollinate?


3) Three rules to spark learning

Could you improve your in-house training with these 3 rules from a Chemistry teacher?


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Coffee and conversation

Are you in Bristol or Birmingham this month?

I am hosting an open coffee and conversation afternoon in each city to meet some new KMers (and also to introduce people to my Knowledge Network in each city – don’t worry about hard-sell, it’s more about the conversation).





When and where?

Bristol – Monday 4th December 2-3pm Cozy Club, Corn Street

Birmingham – Monday 11th December 2-3pm, Opus Bar, 1 Snow Hill


What is Knowledge Network?

KN-UK is an annual subscription learning service for KMers in professional services, where:

  • you sign up for a year and meet the same faces at events
  • the annual programme is tailored for the group
  • you can share membership with other people in your organisation (so if you don’t fancy a particular event or you are on holiday/off sick, the space isn’t wasted)
  • there are always plenty of opportunities to share your experiences, learn from each other and have a conversation
  • it is pretty cheap compared to one-off events
  • it is held in a city centre over a long lunchtime, so no need to rearrange your family life

If all that sounds good, come along and have a chat. If you are unsure, come along anyway for the coffee and conversation.

Please let me know if you are interested in coming. I’m assuming we won’t swamp the venues, but a rough idea of numbers would be good just in case. Ways to contact me here, or comment below.


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