What does knowledge sharing look like?

If I asked you to draw “knowledge sharing”, “knowledge management” or “knowledge mobilisation”, what would you draw?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently.

It’s so easy to say what knowledge and knowledge sharing isn’t, and which logos look trite, obvious or just plain wrong, but it is so difficult to articulate what kinds of pictures *do* encapsulate the essence of knowledge and sharing!

I’ve been leading the UK Knowledge Mobilisation Forum logo committee over the last few months and now we’ve all been through the process with a very talented designer, I am amazed and delighted at how the essence of the Forum has been captured so well in our new logo.

Tuesday 19th November is our formal “big reveal” day (I’m ridiculously excited about that – I’ll add it here, so pop back and let me know what you think) but in the meantime … a challenge for you.

I have found it a useful intellectual challenge to think about what our work might “look like” to outsiders.

My question is… what would you draw?

If you were asked to summarise your knowledge activities/team for the rest of your organisation in a simple logo, what would it look like?

I’d be really interested to know what you create. Or do you have an existing logo for your team that you are really proud of? Or do you have a sneaky idea what our UK KMbF logo could be?

Comment below…

(And if you fancy coming along to the conference next year – more info here)

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RCT 101 (huh?)

I’ve written before about RCTs, but a couple of people have asked about them recently, so time for a recap!

RCT – What does it stand for?

“RCT” stands for “Random Coffee Trial”. It’s a play on words and relates back to Random Controlled Trials undertaken by Nesta, where the concept was first created/popularised by Michael Soto and Jon Kingsbury.

What actually is an RCT?

An RCT is a randomly generated coffee meeting for the purpose of improving networks and sharing knowledge of all kinds.

People join the project voluntarily. They are matched at random. They have coffee and a chat (in person or virtually/by Skype). That’s it. No obligation to talk about work or share specific knowledge, but most people tend to share experiences/knowledge about work because that is what they have in common.

How do you organise them?

If you want to organise one, there’s a full “how-to” in my book “Practical Projects in Legal KM”, or you can read more here.

What are the benefits of running them?

The most complex knowledge is most effectively shared through person-to-person contact. You’ll understand this yourself: whenever you reach a block and need to take advice on something really tricky, you probably prefer to speak to someone you trust.

A strong, wide, trusting network inside an organisation supports this kind of knowledge sharing. Networks tend to emerge along particular organisational lines, but introducing some serendipity into the way people connect enables an organisation to widen and strengthen the network.

Where can I read more about them?

I’ve written about them before here:

Can I try it out/join one?

I run occasional RCTs for those working in knowledge and learning in the legal sector. I’ll be matching people up at the end of November 2019 for virtual coffee connections. If you fancy joining in, comment below or email/message me.

More info about this project here.


Got a question? Put it in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer it.

Café by Kris Atomic via Unsplash
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Remember remember … KNOWvember!

KMers in the health sector have a campaign each November to improve the visibility of knowledge management.

This year their “KNOWvember19” is all about awareness and it’s worth following the hashtag on twitter even if you aren’t in the health sector.

Taking inspiration from them, I’m going to follow suit and do a couple of free projects to help legal sector KMers to improve their own visibility.

Next week (11th-15th November) I’m going to run a fun 5-day challenge for PSLs and law firm KMers to improve their visibility and at the end of the month (29th November) I’m going to revive my global PSL virtual coffee connections project.

If you are interested in joining in, message me, comment below, follow me on LinkedIn or twitter and further information will follow! Both are free.

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A life spent making mistakes is not only more honourable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.
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A terrifying new webinar!

After my popular in-person workshops on the new KM ISO standard in the legal sector earlier this year, I’m running a webinar on the topic.

Learn of the horrors of the 8 principles and the terrors of the requirements over a virtual coffee (well, not really, but it is on Halloween).

Tickets and further information here.

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The secret of change

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What do you do to improve innovation levels?

I’m doing a little informal research / knowledge sharing…

“My favourite technique/ tactic/ tool for improving innovation levels at work is ….” (fill in the blank for me!)

Comment below, email me (helenerussell@theknowledgebusiness.co.uk), DM me on twitter @heleneadby, send me a pigeon 🙂

When I’ve some interesting results I’ll share them here.

#innovation #KM #KnowledgeSharing #LawFirm

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