Being more innovative: snippet summary

It’s a tall order… being more “innovative”… but the legal world is changing and you need to keep up… easy to say … difficult to do.

If it’s on your agenda, hopefully this snippet summary will help:


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There is no wealth like knowledge …


Want to learn more? Now what?

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The idiot brain

I’m reading Dean Burnett’s “The Idiot Brain” at the moment (very interesting and worth a read).

One thing (of many) that struck me as relevant to KM and learning was from his chapter about memory and biases.

Apparently our brains don’t like to “criticise” our actions (by storing a negative memory) if they are fairly recent, but *can* criticise past events, as the ego is still happy because we’ve clearly grown and improved since the past event.

So how can this information help KMers?

I had two ideas.

Reflective learning and After Action Reviews are great ways for people to create and share knowledge from real-life experiences, but if they struggle to remember events in a way that could criticise their recent actions due to natural biases, how can we help them?

Firstly, for an AAR that needs to take place fairly soon after an event, we can take time and make sincere efforts to create a non-judgmental atmosphere, so that no one needs to feel criticised and everyone can feel they are on a non-judgmental journey of learning, with a focus on how much everyone has learned and changed. This is more easily done by having an outsider as facilitator, but you can follow the army advice about AARs to hold successful ones yourself (see article at the end).

Secondly, for effective personal reflective learning, we can concentrate on recording events and brief initial thoughts daily/weekly, but spend more time monthly/quarterly at looking for the learning points/criticising our actions/looking for gaps in our knowledge and also revisit old reflective learning diaries later on for new learning out of old experiences.

What do you think? Do you agree and if so, what other ideas do you have to improve our KM using this knowledge?

What now?

Read more here

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Also, think about coming along to a KM: The Works day, when we cover learning and reflective learning as well as all the KM basics.



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Learning at work week

For Learning at Work Week I chose 5 of my favourite learning resources to share with everyone, and I’ve been tweeting them at 10am, 2pm and 5.30pm.

For those of you who missed them, here they are:

  1. Reflective learning download and info
  2. After Action Learning for law firms
  3. 10 ideas to improve your technical training – Part 1 + Part 2
  4. 7 ways to learn
  5. 5 ways to learn through teaching

Did you do anything special for learning at work week? And what are your favourite learning resources?

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Knowledge must circulate …


Read more about my research into knowledge sharing antecedents here and learn how to your law firm could improve the amount of knowledge sharing which occurs.

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Free learning in Bristol

It’s national learning at work week next week. Are you doing anything special?

Bristol’s got some free events as part of its Learning City programme, which are worth a look.

Bristol’s learning at work week free sessions

Although most of the sessions aren’t terribly relevant for lawyers and law firms, the facilitation (15/5) and creative problem solving (17/5) sessions could be interesting, and if you know anyone looking for an apprenticeship and needs help with their CV, there is a session for them too (and did I mention it’s all free!!!!!!).

And a big shout-out to Clarke Willmott for their involvement. Fab.

Love-Learning-stamp-COLOURAre you doing anything special for learning at work week? I’d love to know in the comments section. If you’ve nothing planned, why not take a little time that week to review your learning needs and work out how to fill the gaps, maybe book some training for later on this year? If you’d like to learn more about reflective learning, click here for a collection of posts.

And if it is KM training you need, I’ve a few open sessions coming up.


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What are your problems?

I’m sitting here drinking tea and wondering what to write next.

What blog posts would be useful for you? What e-books and downloads should I create next?

Can you help me?

I’ve created a little 4 question survey. Would you take 2 mins to answer it?

Start survey here

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